Arms Wide Open:

The Ryelee Victoria Burris Story

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Experience life through the eyes of a child living with Friedrichs Ataxia.

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"I Wish, I Wish...I Wish to Fish"
is the adventures
of a young boy spending
 time dreaming of fishing and
doing something he loves.
This book brings a fantasy
 world to life through
the simple joys of fishing.


"Izzards, Tractors, Snowcones and Stuff" 

Do you know what an Izzard is?
Have you ever grown a seed in a Styrofoam cup?
 Can you imagine eating an Ice Cream
topped with baked beans?
Join Ricky in this Fun,
Exciting and slightly Different world
of poetry for children! Written for both
boys and girls, this book takes a look
at the world through the eyes of children.

Homer is the story of one
small baseball player with a
constant smile on his face, passion
in his heart and courage to keep
on trying.
Join Homer as he attempts
to get his first hit of the day
and learn how he becomes a
legend in his
I believe we have a little Homer
in all of us.


is an enchanting 
world evolving through 
Ricky Gott's words 
and "IT" comes to life 
in this remarkable story
 of the word - it.

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